Obtaining the Most Appropriate Advice

Charterhouse Portfolio Management Ltd is completely free of ties to any product provider and, therefore, works in our client’s best interest to find the most suitable financial plans or products to suit personal circumstances now and in the future.

Being truly independent means we are not restricted in the advice we give and do not offer “off the peg” solutions.

We offer advice on a ‘whole of the market’ basis rather than ‘restricted’ which means we are unconstrained by the limitations of limited product panels. We will advise and make recommendations to you once we have understood your needs. Before providing you with unbiased advice, we present you with a ‘Key Facts about our services and costs’ document so you understand the choices available to you in order to pay for our services by fee, fee facilitated via product or a combination of both. This means you know precisely where you stand. Everyone is clear on how we get paid for our experience, knowledge and skills.

Holistic Financial Planning

Financial planning is an ongoing dynamic process that assists in identifying goals, objectives, risk and priorities.

We assist in establishing your goals and aspirations and how best to achieve them. We aim to fully understand your goals and objectives and ensure your financial plan encompasses a life–time cash flow model.

This comprehensive process involves a review of all areas of your financial situation. It involves establishing short term and long term goals, designing and implementing strategies to reach these goals and an ongoing review of progress towards these stated goals. We are committed to long–term support rather than short–term fixes, and so we will regularly review your financial position to help you stay on track.

For each of our clients we can include a detailed analysis of the following issues:

  • Financial goal setting
  • Debt analysis
  • Income and expenditure analysis
  • Investment planning & wealth management
  • Retirement planning
  • Insurance analysis and planning
  • Education and school fees planning
  • Tax planning
  • Estate and inheritance tax planning