“Tristan takes a good look at your life and plans, and provides a concise and holistic set of recommendations. He is personable, bright and a joy to work with.”

Mark, company director, Herefordshire

“Tristan gave me excellent guidance and advice through the new minefield of Pension Lifetime Allowance ; I now know, and more importantly understand , how this affects me and my family’s savings for retirement .”

Rod, GP, Herefordshire

“The adviser is extremely clear in his explanation of the various options available to me, both orally and then later in writing. He is also flexible and accommodating in terms of meetings e.g. attending at my home at a time convenient to me.”

Paul, Barrister/King’s Counsel KC, Vale of Glamorgan

“This was my first time with Tristan – and any financial advisor for that matter for a number of years so my wife and I went in with some open objectives and a lack of knowledge – Help me understand if my money is in the right place, what I need to do to clear my mortgage by X and be able to retire by Y.

Tristan was fantastic in explaining where we currently were, and what we need to do to achieve our goal, he wasn’t pushy or try to offer products that we didn’t want (always my fear on past experience with other advisor). Tristan stayed true to our goals and guided us exactly in what we needed to do, explaining it all clearly and taking a huge burden away from us in contacting organisations on our behalf, giving us advice on a few things we needed to do ourselves and documenting it all.”

Steve, company director, Herefordshire

“Tristan is a knowledgeable and a user friendly Financial Advisor with a very sound skill base and as a Family Solicitor I have worked with him dealing with clients with financial and pension issues following matrimonial disputes and I have always found him to be professional and reliable in his approach and dealing with clients who are usually in need of solid good financial advice. I have also used Tristan for my own personal finances and would have no hesitation in recommending him.”

Elaine, solicitor, Monmouthshire

“Tristan was recommended to me by a friend. To put this in perspective, I have basic financial qualifications however I believe that pension advice requires specialist knowledge, which Tristan has – and some. He is happy to visit me at home at a time to suit me (which is a significant distance for him to travel) and as a working woman, that is a welcome time-saver. Tristan was happy to spend time providing as much detail as I needed, to ensure I understood the implications of my decisions; he also spent time to get to know me as an individual to ensure his recommendations were suitable for me. In terms of knowledge, Tristan demonstrated a thorough and extensive knowledge (and understanding) of pensions and was able to convey his message to me in a way I was / am able to understand. Most importantly, I have realised the benefit of his advice in real terms – by allowing Tristan to manage my existing pension investment, my pension assets have increased dramatically in 12 months. In this day and age, it’s extremely difficult to find people in the industry that have both knowledge, expertise and integrity. In Tristan Renfree, I have found all three. Having extensive experience of working in the financial sector, I am aware of the structure within branch networks and the knowledge levels you can expect to find. These advisors often have the minimum qualifications required to enable them to provide pensions advice and will generally have knowledge of their own products which can be quite prohibitive to what they are able to offer. The intricacies of pensions are intense, complex and mind-boggling; only someone who has studied this area extensively is able to provide meaningful advice on the subject. I have complete faith in Tristan and any costs incurred are outweighed by the profit I will enjoy in my retirement and the peace of mind I have knowing my money is safe in his hands.”

Diane, consultant (financial services), Vale Of Glamorgan

“Tristan has been advising my wife and myself for the past 8 years, he is very thorough, highly professional and listens really well to your requirements whilst helping to develop them in an informed way. He is highly organised, very responsive and always thoroughly prepared for our meetings, a good example being when he arranged life cover for me at very short notice earlier this year. He also displays a real passion for what he does and is constantly working to ensure his qualifications are exceed the required level by some way.”

Barry, IT consultant, Monmouthshire

“I have had many reasons over the last 10 years to seek the advise and guidance of Mr Renfree, he is always prompt, accurate and his help has been invaluable to both myself personally and with family matters. He seeks the highest standards of service and does not fall short in any department.”

Julie, accountant, Cardiff

“Tristan Renfree has been my financial advisor for a number of years. He has offered a highly professional and efficient service, he is well informed, reliable and very approachable. I highly recommend him to future users.”

Judith, Head of Service, Carmarthenshire, 

“Tristan is responsive and knowledgeable. He was thorough in his reviews, made recommendations and researched areas that needed additional consideration. Tristan easy to work with and I would recommend him to others.”

Amy, therapeutic strategy associate, Herefordshire

“I have known Tristan for 19 years and I have complete faith in the advice that he gives to us. His advice and actions have ensured that our financial position is as strong as it could possibly be and he continues to review it annually to ensure that our savings and pensions perform as best they can. Tristan is very efficient and undertakes any actions that he has promised promptly. He is friendly and approachable, explains clearly any recommended changes to our portfolio and any technical terms, visits us at home or at mutually convenient meeting places and I value his support and advice immensely. He remembers and takes an interest in our working and family circumstances and is a very welcome visitor to our home.”

Sue, health professional, Cardiff

 “Clearly understood our issues and gave sound clear advise, explained our options and which ones would best suit our requirements.”

Leighton, production director, Powys

“Excellent communicator. Says what he’s going to do – and does it. Keeps us informed of all developments. Always replies promptly to any enquiries we might make. Always keeps appointments.”

Keith, retired Salvation Army officer, Gloucestershire

“I am confident that Tristan is regularly reviewing my portfolio and advising on adjustments in year as well as reviewing annually. Tristan is very patient and explains things clearly – I have found him very helpful.”

Carmel, senior civil servant, Cardiff

“Friends recommended Tristan to us many years ago, and we have received excellent investment and mortgage advice from him during that time, he explains things in a way which is easy to understand. We have recommended him to friends and colleagues and would continue to do so.”

Roger, retired company director, Vale of Glamorgan

“Tristan has been my financial advisor for many years has been extremely helpful and accommodating with my changing business and personal needs. He is extremely trustworthy, offering advice around what is sound and prudent for my financial future. I am convinced that my life and my family’s has been considerably more comfortable financially than it would have been without him.”

Russel, company director, Lancashire

“A great personal feel to the way business is conducted. Always looking to get me the best deal not just any old product.”

Roux, engineering technician, Torfaen

“Supremely efficient and knowledgeable.”

Richard, company director, Herefordshire

“Tristan worked with us to obtain our first Mortgage in 2006, and has done so again in 2014. Both times he made this process remarkably painless, he has clearly and promptly communicated with us at every stage and acted in our best interests at all times. He is an all round good egg, and I’d recommend him without hesitation.”

George, senior network engineer, Avon

“I have known Tristan for 12 years and have been receiving financial advice from him for the last 10 years and would not hesitate to recommend him to family and friends. I find Tristan very easy to talk to, he is always readily available and never fails to return calls promptly. Tristan is patient and takes time to listen to what I want and has never failed to give me good advice on pensions, savings and investments tailoring them to suite my needs. He also explains things in a way which I find easy to understand!”

Hilary, retired office manager, Carmarthenshire

“Tristan is very helpful re explaining / forecasting pension and assisting in planning for retirement. He always makes himself available as required and will also suggest options to maximise financial resources. He is also very patient as I try and make sense of the financial information being provided to me .Whilst I have not required his services for past couple of years it will be helpful to review my pension outcome during 2015.”

Wendy, company director, Cardiff

“Tristan Renfree is a very down to earth professional Financial Adviser. I felt able to talk freely to him about finance and family. I have had three meetings with him and he has sorted out my pension and investments. At each step he has made sure l understood exactly what he was doing and why. I am very happy with everything that he has done for me. My wife has been to see him about her pension. I would happily recommend Tristan Renfree to anyone looking for a financial Adviser.”

Robert, retired, Herefordshire

“Tristan is a very approachable individual. I have used him for all aspects of my financial planning for over 6 years and have recommended him to many family and friends. Tristan is knowledgible, professional and explains everything clearly. I always feel Tristan takes the time to listen to my needs and strives to find the best the options available to me. Tristan has advocated for me when issues have arisen and always responds to my calls/emails in a timely manner. Highly recommended!”

Clare, Social Worker, Carmarthenshire

“Myself and my partner have been advised by Mr Tristan Renfree since 1998.We have always had complete confidence in his judgement and advice.”

Janet & Paul, courtyard manager, Hampshire

“Very personable approach, but he knows that customers look underneath this approach for detail, and he can clearly communicate that ‘in spades.’ I have had to resolve several issues on a personal front over several years, and Tristan always goes out of his way to find a solution, despite me not being the largest of investors. Without his confident approach, not just with customers but other providers, banks etc. my own personal circumstances would have been far more difficult. I am comfortable where I and my family find ourselves at present, and much of that is down to Tristan’s approach to my finances. I am not Tristan’s easiest customer, but again, he is always available on the telephone if I need him.”

Paul, programme manager, Bridgend

“Tristan spent time gathering information about our financial circumstances and our aspiration before explaining and advising us on a considered and tailored financial strategy that matches our means both and now and hopefully in the future. We are very happy with service he has given over the past few years. Thank you.”

Jake, company director, Herefordshire

“Tristan was recommended to me by an old friend who like me had worked some 40 years in tough “blue collar” industries. We both tended to dislike financial “white collar” people who appeared to profit excessively for little effort and with other people’s money!!! That view has changed dramatically over the last 12 years with my investments averaging 8.8% (wish I had given him more !!!!).Tristan’s obvious knowledge, integrity, clarity of explanation, efficiency, politeness and good nature are a credit to his profession. His fondness for Dom Perignon and Cohiba Cigars are richly deserved.”

Chris, retired entrepreneur, outside UK

“Tristan efficiently manages our portfolio on our behalf and is promptly available to deal with any queries we may have.”

Bob, retired civil servant, Gloucestershire

“Over a 17 year period Tristan has been faultless with myself and my wife. His advice regarding investments has secured our retirement. Always there at the end of a telephone if needed between his normal consultations. His knowledge of financial advice is unsurpassed that along with his easy to understand explanations made us feel at ease. His honesty and trustworthiness shine through. We have recommended him to friends and will continue to do so.”

Gary, retired company director, Rhondda Cynon Taff

“Tristan Renfree has been supplying financial advice to me for over 10 years and I have always received excellent advice and a very high level of customer care. Tristan’s initial advice was central to settling a mortgage issue and has continued to prove to be very effective in the area of investments and savings. I have always found Tristan to be very knowledgeable, trustworthy and confidential and would have no hesitation in recommending him to others – indeed I have done this!”

Janet, venues manager, Cardiff

“Tristan provides professional, honest advice. He is always on the end of the phone and is very good at explaining things. I have recommended Tristan to several people and will continue to do so.”

Emma, company director, Monmouthshire.

“Tristan is very thorough and helpful and communicates information clearly and in great detail. His advice over the years has been exemplary helping us in solving our financial problems. He is trustworthy and has proved to be an excellent listener, sympathetic for our needs which has enabled him to advise us for our benefit.”

Clive, retired, Vale Of Glamorgan

“Tristan has provided me with invaluable and honest advice for many years. I regard him as a very knowledgeable and impartial advisor, I am happy to recommend him to all.”

Alan, sole proprietor, Monmouthshire

“Tristan provides a professional, confidential and friendly service. He is trustworthy and completely reliable. I felt he went the extra mile in making sure he understood my requirements and responded appropriately.”

Steve, retired entrepreneur, Cardiff

“He is very clear and very thorough in his advice. He is friendly and approachable and takes time to understand the clients and then to look and explain a range of options which may suit. He reviews the portfolio at least annually and is happy to give advice in between when necessary.”

Laura, charity manager, Torfaen

“Tristan is very knowledgeable and approachable. I have contacted him for general advice as well as having used him extensively for financial planning over the past ten years Tristan has been particularly helpful in sorting out my pension as I approach retirement age and was able to keep me sane when dealing with one very difficult final salary scheme provider. Tristan responds promptly to emails and always does what he says he will do.”

Jackie, professional advisor, Worcestershire